The Dirty Picture

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Hi guys, this is your chubby from Hyderabad again with another experience to share with all you horny bottoms and my lovable tops scratching their cocks right now! I was doing well at work and also got promoted recently, my professional and personal life has been good off late. However, I met an old friend (Srikanth) from my neighborhood; he was a 6 feet handsome guy with a decently built body very fair and with all the features that a girl will die for.

I’m being a gay bottom wanted him badly. We both met along with a bunch of other friends and our chatting was quiet interesting and also our meetings became more and more regular. I started to like him as a person and was also trying to get my hands on him. Once, I had called him on a Sunday evening just to check on what he was up to, and luckily he was free and agreed to meet up.

He came to my house to pick me up so that we could go to movies for a nice movie. We agreed on watching Dirty Picture he said he wanted to see vidya balan`s boobs and her sexy body. I also agreed and joined him as you know that the movie is a very erotic at places and a scene where Vidya is on the bed and moaning is very erotic. Srik was getting a bit uncomfortable and could make out that he already had a boner.

The movie finished and we came back home ordered some pizzas and were having a great time. After dinner we just sat in my balcony and chatted till midnight, the topics were getting sparse. So I asked him about his girlfriends and he also was chatting abt it when slowly the topic reached on him asking me whether I was a virgin, to which I said no with a smile. He said he wasn’t either and there was silence for a while before he asked me seriously are you gay?

I was shocked, how the hell did he knew, I asked why he asked me that question to which he replied “ I saw you were staring at my cock in the movie and then trying to rub your boobs to my back on the way back to your house and I confirmed your gay after seeing you while changing your shirt, I did not find a single hair so I thought you are gay I was shocked, I told myself how much he has observed about me, now I can’t step back.

I replied “yes, I’m gay and I have had sex with men, in fact now I only love to have sex with men listening to this he had a naughty smile on his face, he looked at me differently after a short pause we both just saw each other, he looked at me with a smile and said do you like me? I was expecting this, I said yes you are hot, he blushed and looked away. I got up and stood besides the railing and looked at the road below, he also got up and touched my hip.

I was surprised and looked at him, he was smiling I also smiled and hugged him, we both were melting in each other’s hands, his hand was sometimes brushing my back, hips and also my ass. I looked in to his eyes and with a small smile kissed on his lovely pink lips; both were kissing each other with passion for at least 7 to 8 mins when we broke as I saw the light in the adjacent balcony being switched on.

We got inside my house and I guided him towards the bed, he followed me and we sat down on the bed and started to kiss again for another 5 mins, he was feeling very horny and his cock was asking to be let out, so I touched his cock and from the outside and slowly pulled his jeans down what I saw there was surprising I saw a pink cock of about 7 inches and very fat.

I mean very fat and he was a monster. I looked up to him and said this best cock I have had so far. He smiled and said you gonna love it. I slowly got down on my knees and took the monster in my mouth, it was tough I was not able to take it my teeth were touching it so I stopped and tried again this time I could give him and blow job that lasted for 7 to 8 minutes before he came all over me believe me his cock tasted like a strawberry candy pink in color.

It was a treat for me after he came he just lay on the bed and was kissing and tasting his own cock then he got a bit horny and starting pressing and milking my man boobs with a vengeance of sorts it was paining at the start but, it felt like pleasure later on and he was sucking and kissing all over my body and I was feeling like I would come without even keeping, my hand on my cock this continued till his manhood took full strength again.

He made me sit on the bed and stood in front of me indicating another blow job, I obeyed like a bitch and gave him a smiled and held his cock and kissed the tip of it to make him even more horny, I slowly took his cock in my mouth and was looking in his eyes all the time, he was also looking at me and the blow job was going on and he started to press my boobs again and I was slowly and very smoothly handling his cock and he was moaning aaahhhhh you bitch ahhhhh take it into your mouth come on you fat bitch.

This dirty talking was a bit new to me and believes me I liked it very much then he removed his cock from my mouth and told me now. I wanna fuck you I gave him a smile and got on my knees to show him my asshole he spat on it and started to finger it with his left hand slowly his warm cock went into my hole with difficulty it hurt me but I took it by flexing my ass muscles and allowing further penetration

He started to send his cock deeper into my hole and now the real fucking was happening he slowly picked speed and now I was being drilled aaahhhh fuck your bitch aaaahhhh then i begged him to stop but to avail he was in no mood to stop I felt I would bleed out of my ass but he was only concentrating on fucking me, the pounding got more fast that`s when I thought he was about to come. I was yelled at him to not cum inside me.

He could not hear it, I yelled again he stopped and removed his cock from my hole and came all over my ass crack I was relieved than he was my ass was aching he then said he wanted to suck my cock so I agreed for a 69 position and within mins I came over his face. We then went into the bathroom for a shower and I just love to bathe with my man in the shower by kissing him and he playing with my fleshy body my god that`s something I would love to do everyday.

We then got into the bed naked for a nice content sleep the next morning we woke up and I saw a sense of relief on his face I was also happy but as I got out of the bed, I knew the seriousness of his drilling, my ass was aching my hole seemed to be torn apart I was unable to walk, I was in pain but I quickly did some exercises and reduced the pain a bit with both had breakfast together and he left. I spent the whole day at home with pain in my ass. I received few horny msgs and calls from him that day but I’m not in any position to take another cock for at least 10 days before my pain succumbs.