My Mom Fucks My Uncle - Part I

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Hi All,

This is the story of how I saw my mom was having sex with my uncle. This happened when I was a small kid but I did not that it was sex then. Later only I realised that they were having an affair. Let me introduce myself here. I am Vijay, I am from Bangalore. Basically we were a family of four, my mom, dad, me and my younger brother. My dad works in the govt so he has a regular 9 to 5 job and we were a regular middle class family. My dad has a younger brother who works for a private firm.

He was basically shifting from city to city on his job to different parts of the country. So he would come to our house to stay with us whenever he was on leave. This was before he got married.Let me tell you something about my mom. She is a typical south indian woman, voluptuous may be a little on the heavier side but right weight on the right places. this incident happened when I was 7 yrs old. my uncle had come to our house on his holiday and was staying with us for couple of weeks.My younger brother was only a year old then. my dad as usual left for work in the morning and I was on school holidays too. so it was just me, my mom, uncle and my brother. It was just a routine day, mom preparing breakfast and dad going to office and everything. my mom usually showers after all her chores sometime by noon of early afternoon. I remember as a small kid she used to take me with her in the showers but she will not be totally naked, she will have towel or her petticoat wrapped around her.

It was around noon and I was playing outside, my brother was sleeping and my uncle was watching tv. My mom had completed all her chores was in the shower. I was playing around outside and after sometime felt thirsty so I went in to get some water. I passed through the hall and into the kitchen, as I was passing by I saw that uncle was not in the hall, but the tv was on. that was a little strange, I drank the water and was searching for my mother to check if lunch was ready. she wasnt there in the kitchen so I thought she'll be in our bedroom. the bedroom door was closed but it was not fully closed. so I just opened and went in. what I saw changed my entire life, not then but later after I realised what they were doing. I saw my uncle hugging my mom, he was half-naked wearing just his dhoti.

My mom was just wearing a bra and her panty. they did not realise I was there untill I called out my mom. I did not know what they were doing so I just asked mom what was for lunch. they immediately broke the hug and my mom covered herself with the petticoat and my uncle adjusted his dhoti and went and sat on the bed. my mom told me she had prepared chicken gravy and rice and said the gravy was still on the stove cooking and it will take at least half an hour to get ready. I said ok and went to watch tv. that was the 1st time I saw my mom half-naked just in her bra and panty. she asked me to go watch tv, I said ok and went to the hall. my uncle was still sitting there smiling. my mom then closed the bedroom door again and this time bolted the door. I was watching tv for sometime but heard funny noises coming from the bedroom, I thought they were just talking but only later realised that they were fucking.

I forgot abt this incident and I did not witness any similar thing after this. it was after few more years that I saw them fucking again. we usually watch a lot of english movies at home, my dad likes them a lot. my mom not so much. so once there was this action movie that we were watching together in the evening and there was a sex scene in it. I was 12 then so I had some feelings. my mom immediately asked my dad to change the channel since I was there. my dad changed the channel, but I guess watching that scene made him horny and he was smiling at my mom. my mom then went into the kitchen. Since they changed the channel, I said I'll go outside and play. usually I'll go to a park near by and play cricket with some of my frnds there.

I told mom and dad that I'm going out to play and left. my dad thought this was good chance and he went into the kitchen where my mom was preparing something. I went to the park and found out nobody was there. So I came back to my house. the front door was closed but wasn't locked so I just opened and went in. My parents probably thought I'll come after sometime because usually I play for at least an hour. I saw that nobody was in the hall, so I walked towards the kitchen and heard some noise. this time I knew what was happening.

I slowly moved towards the kitchen without making any noise and peeped. I immediately got a hard on. My dad was fucking my mom doggy style on the kitchen counter. my mom's saree was raised till her waist and her blouse was open and her fleshy boobs were hanging. my dad was kneading those melons and thrusting his member into my mom's pussy. I did not know how to masturbate then so I was just watching.

My dad was kissing the back of my mom's neck and playing with her boobs and thrusting faster and faster. this went on for another 2-3 mins and then he started humping her faster and faster and with more power it was like he was going to tear my mom's pussy. my mom was moaning like any thing, as she thought nobody was home. my dad said he was going to cum and mom said me too and then he stroked one last time real hard stopped just like that. my mom moved backwards and squeezed her butt,it was like both them were glued together. they stayed that way for sometime and then my dad took out and wiggled his penis. My mom said this was one of the best that they had.

I saw my dad then turn towards the hall so I ran out and closed the door behind me. then I acted as though I was coming home just now and rang the doorbell my dad answered it and he was still smiling. I asked him what was he smiling about and he said nothing. I went into the kitchen to drink some water and saw my mom adjusting her saree and blouse. I drank the water and went to my room and was thinking about it. then I imagined my mom moaning when she was getting fucked, I thought I had heard that sound somewhere and then I realised I had heard it previously, some years before when I was a kid. it happened when my uncle was here. then I realised my uncle had been fucking my mom for a long time. Thinking about this gave me a hard on again.

In the next part I will narrate how for the first time I saw my uncle fucking my mom in our bedroom.

Hope you liked the story. I will be back with the next part.