Seductive Maid Radha Seduced

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Dear ISS readers...

This is Senthil on this forum for the first time... This is a true incident happened when I was in my early days of work at Chennai during 2005.

Before going into the details, first let me explain some details about myself. I was 25 yrs old at that time with a very fat figure wherein, my hip size was nearly 39 inches with a big belly. I was staying in a double bedroom flat in the 4th floor of my apartment in the outskirts of Chennai with many small huts used to surround the place. I preferred this flat because, no one could see others balcony as there were only two houses on each floor facing each other.

In the beginning, I used to do all the chores in my home. After 6 months, I got bored and started eating out. Even that did not last long as I was falling sick. Then I searched for a suitable maid to take care of my house work and it did not take long to find one. Yes, as I had mentioned that this flat was surrounded by many hut settlements, which was mostly occupied by people who work as maids in the neighborhood. I asked my neighbor for a reference through their maid servant and she referred her daughter by name Radha.

Radha, aged around 18 was bulgier for her age with a hip size of around 35 inches and her breast size around 40, black in colour with no extra flabs around her waist and with reasonably big breasts typical of a teenager. But one thing was she was very talkative and very bold and gutsy too. I could make out as she agreed to work in my home which is occupied by a 25 yr old bachelor with no other occupant in the house. She demanded a salary of 3000/- pm for doing the cooking night dinner and washing and cleaning the apartment on a daily basis.

I had to agree for the high salary as I was desperate to have a maid. She used to come by 8 in the morning and leave by 10 am and again come by evening 6 pm and leave by 7 pm.
One thing that attracted my attention was not only her cooking was excellent and the upkeep of my house drastically improved after her arrival but also as she moved around the house for cleaning and cooking, the movements of her huge, milky, tender soft breasts juggling around like a free birds.

After 6 months of event free happenings and also her mother stopped working for my neighbor as they moved to a new house, slowly Radha started talking freely to me on regular occasions about my marriage plans and the ideal girl of my dreams. I told her that who will like to befriend a 25 yr old fattish man like me and I don’t know whether I will be lucky enough to get married unless otherwise I drastically reduce my weight.

Later, I started going to a nearby gym and also bought a cycle at home to pedal at leisure hours. It so happened naturally, on holidays, whenever I cycle at home, I used to remove my vests and used to wear very short white shorts for convenience and likes to wear with crystal micro briefs with black and white strips made of thin cotton material which really and nicely covers my lund to its size and shape and gives in ultimate comfort for wearing it.

Radha used to come and do the house work during that time and gets amazed at the amount of sweat I exhaust and my body used to shine and sometimes, gets stuck admiring my huge breasts glittering with sweat and she will be amused to see my huge belly hanging out around my hips with wet sweat flowing from my chest.

On some days, whenever I decided not to wear my briefs along with my shorts while cycling, Radha’s eyes will deliberately stare at my groin area while I used to sit on my sofa after a rigorous round of cycling and to my amusement I will realize that my junior would have been peeping out through the side opening of my shorts.

On every festive occasion, I used to give 2000/- rupees to Radha asking her to get some good dresses for her and family.

After a year and half, Radha was on leave one day without any information and I really missed her presence as it was a holiday for me due to a festival. The next day Radha came and apologized for not informing me in advance about the leave. and her face was looking dull.  I asked her and Radha said that some prospective groom had come and seen her the previous day and their family is planning to get her married to that groom. The marriage had been finalized and is due in another 3 months.

Even I was shocked to hear this. The next day as usual, she came in the morning wearing a yellow chiffon saree with red colour floral designs and a yellow blouse with a black bra. Her pallu across her breasts was in layers and that partially prevented me from seeing the big melons hidden behind her pallu, but I could see the black brassier from the sideways thanks to the transparent nature of the yellow saree. I was bemused seeing Radha like that because, that was the first time in the last 1 and half years of work, she had come to work with such a transparent dress and again for the first time, she was wearing a low hip saree revealing most portion of her hip and navel areas.

On that day, I was wearing my brief with my shorts and after finishing cycling I sat on a chair and wiping my sweat from the body and Radha came out of the kitchen and said Senthil sir, your breakfast is ready and she said that she is going to wash the clothes and asked me to take bath quickly.

I wiped myself well and observed that Radha was again daringly staring at my groin area and to my amusement, even on that day, the shape of my rod could be seen through the transparent nature of my shorts and sweat was oozing out of whole body and dropping into the floor through my huge belly. The moment I realized that Radha is starring at my groin area, I started having a real hard on and it started to grow in size and started to enlarge the bulge inside my shorts even more. Seeing this, Radha was giggling and she could not control her giggle.

I asked Radha, why she was giggling and she said that my Sunday is getting bigger than Monday and it is there to be seen. I was shocked to hear this comment from her and admiring her intelligence, I said, it is there for everyone in my gender and what is special for her to giggle and anyhow she is going to see the Sundays directly after she gets married to her prospective groom very soon.

Being very talkative, Radha said, whether such a fattish men like me will ever be able see our own organ if we stand straight and that’s what made her to giggle more than seeing my enlargement.

I was appreciating her frankness and said whether she is interesting in verifying her doubt now itself. This question of mine put her off for few seconds and then Radha said, she won’t mind checking her doubt as long as I don’t mind showing it to her.

As the door was closed and nobody could see what’s happening inside my house I dared Radha that I am prepared for this challenge and she should not reveal this to anybody. Radha did agree and said I can think twice before going ahead with her challenge.

I told Radha that since she is known to me I don’t mind this challenge and being an interesting one, I would love to see whether her perception is right or wrong. Then I got up from the chair I was sitting and started unbuttoning my trouser, Radha said, Senthil, I just made that comment for fun and don’t take it seriously and asked me whether or not I am ashamed to unbutton my trouser and be prepared to stand naked in front of a stranger?

I stopped unbuttoning my shorts and told Radha that she is not a stranger to me first and I told her that this is not the first time she is going to see my cock. Hearing this, Radha giggled even louder and said Senthil, you naughty fellow, knowingly you had exposed yourself to my preying eyes and now you are pretending to be very upright.

I told Radha that since she was not minding and being a man, I did not mind too. Then without waiting for her further comment, I just removed the shorts in a jiffy and stood with my brief’s on in front of Radha, my maid. Radha, in the mean time, covered her face and ran into the kitchen and I could only hear her giggle getting louder and louder.

As she was commenting, I could only see the tip of my toe as my big belly was preventing me from seeing my own organ covered by my brief’s while I was standing upright. I called Radha and as she did not turn up, I walked into the kitchen and there she was standing near the stove showing her back to me.

I went closure to her and kept my hands on her shoulder and turned her around and still Radha was covering her face with her hand and said, she never expected me to be so bold. I told Radha that I have not removed my brief and she can check the fact. She giggled even louder and politely refused.

While Radha was talking, I gently removed her left hand and took and kept it on the right side of my hip and slowly but steadily guided her hand downwards. Even as Radha was resisting mildly, I could feel the mild shivering in Radha and she was feebly murmuring that Senthil this is not advisable and requesting me to stop proceeding further.

In the mean time, Radha could feel that Radha’s hands were covering my lund over the brief’s and as she was little tensed, she cupped my lund and I screamed out of severe pain. Immediately Radha  removed  her other hand from her face and look down to see whether I was alright.

That when I used her hand to pull down my brief in a moment and my cock sprang out in full light and in full size, a thick, 8 to 9 inches long,  black, well rounded cock throbbing at 90 degrees, with pre cum oozing from it, swinging up and down like a pendulum to the feasting eyes of Radha.

Out of ecstasy, Radha grabbed my cock with both her hands and cupped it tightly and started moving her hands up and down by gently massaging my cock. I for the first time started shivering and jerking wildly.

Radha really got tensed while moving her hands up and down, she started squeezing my balls mildly and this made me go mad and started vibrating mildly and I could not control myself, I pleaded Radha to stop massaging my cock as I was nearing my peak orgasm and about to ejaculate. I literally cried and begged Radha repeatedly to stop doing this and finally when I was about to cum, she stopped. I got tremendous sign of relief and started sweating even more.

Radha said, for a man who is very bulgier and fattish, the size of my rod, both its length and diameter was very big but still I agreed to her saying that I could only see the tip of my toe not my lund when I stand.

Immediately I pulled up my brief and with a little hesitation, I moved away from Radha and I could hear her murmuring that Senthil is it all that you can do now?

I for a moment was truly shocked hearing this and turned around with disbelief and asked Radha that what she was murmuring now. Radha said that she did not murmur anything.

Again, I turned away from Radha and moved towards the hall and I could hear Radha giggle again. Now I asked Radha that what made her to giggle now.  Radha said, Senthil, your butts are very big and the swinging movements while you are walking reminds me of a giant elephants butt and while replying she too came to the hall.

I told Radha that she is too naughty in her imagination and her groom will find it difficult to handle her. While talking to her, I started wearing my shorts in front of Radha and took a towel from the nearby chair and started wiping the sweat from my body.

Radha said, Senthil, you are good natured person in general, but the present day girls like their men to be also little naughty and bad and I had to change a lot in this regard. While thinking how bad I could really be, I told Radha that I will try to change.

After this incident, on the same day, I could feel the difference in the way Radha moved around the house and to my amusement, her saree pallu was not in layers around her breast but spread like a sheet showcasing the two beautiful big melons to the world which were nicely well rounded and tender and big for her age. I was about to burst in to my brief on that day thanks to the mild massaging of my lund by Radha and also the sight of her big melons and the explicit dressing.

I was just waiting for the weekend which was 4 days away from now and those 4 days were like 4 years for me and I was itching for the Sunday morning. Cleverly on Saturday I gave Radha an additional 5000/- rupees to meet her marriage expenses. She happily received it with her eyes moist with tears and said, Senthil, I don’t know how to repay this.

Next day, being a Sunday, I deliberately did not do cycling and waited for the calling bell to ring with bated breath. I was with my white shorts with my crystal micro brief but with my t shirt.
The calling bell rang at 8 am and when I opened the door, to my bemusement I found Radha’s mother Karnamma standing there. Before I could ask her about Radha, Karnamma said, that Senthil sir, Radha will come at 9 am today and told me that her marriage is dropped as they found out the groom to be a drunkard and requested me to advise Radha not to worry about her marriage and told me that Radha is little upset on this count.

I told Karnamma that I will speak to her and make her normal today and while leaving the house, Karnamma told me that as she is going to her brother’s place near chenglepet, she requested me to allow Radha to continue her work in my place till evening and not allow her to return to their home as she will be alone, which is not advisable in the current circumstances. I agreed gently for this and closed the door.

It was around 9.30 am in the Sunday morning, I heard the calling bell ringing in my flat and I got up from my bed and opened the door. To my utter disbelief, I could see a fresh, happy Radha in her half saree with a small carry bag in her hand.

Radha was in a choco cream colour skirt with a light choco cream half saree. Radha was wearing a cream colour matching blouse with a black colour brassier. Her pallu was not in layers but spread in a single sheet form exposing the well rounded shape of her melons to my feasting eyes.

There was a definite spring in her steps when she entered my flat and she was for the first time having jasmine flowers in her head.

Radha prepared the breakfast and I too had it without wasting any time and immediately she said Senthil, today I will prepare a good lunch for you and again went into the kitchen. That’s when I realized she had purchased tender chicken and few eggs and started the cooking preparations without wasting a minute.

I was in the meantime enjoying the aroma of her cooking and reading Kamasutra book in my bedroom hiding it behind the newspaper. While reading the kamasutra book, I really struggled to control my hard on and my groin area started bulging again and to control the bulge, I moved my left hand and inserted it inside my shorts and covered my penis over my brief.

Suddenly, Radha, entered my bedroom without knocking the door and saw me inserting my hand inside my shorts and mildly squeezing my penis while reading Kamasutra. She giggled loudly again and I realized her presence in my bedroom and looked at her.

I deliberately did not take out my left hand which was inserted inside my shorts and still continued  squeezing my lund and asked Radha what she wanted. Radha said Senthil, the lunch is about to be ready and requested me to take bath immediately as she can complete her washing schedule and iron the pending dresses immediately.

I told Radha that I will take bath in another 10 mins as I am reading the paper. Radha said that Senthil, I think more than reading you are indulging in something else. I told Radha that I was gently massaging my junior as it was feeling very good and I had been doing this since the day she showed me this new world of sensual feeling couple of days ago.

Radha’s face was blushing with wicked smile and murmured again that being an obedient maid, she won’t mind massaging me. I did not react for this deliberately and told Radha, that her mom was here this morning and asked me permission for making you stay here till evening and Radha said, Senthil, I know and I am not too perturbed by the marriage plans getting dropped after having known the true colours of my fiancé and among all today I am extremely happy to spend the whole day in your place and doing everything for you.

Immediately I got up from my bed and asked Radha to switch on the geyser and keep my clothes and towel in the bathroom for me to take bath. After telling Radha, I removed my t shirt and vest threw it on the bin meant for keeping washing clothes. I was with my shorts and as usual my big belly was bulging out and Radha came out of the bathroom after keeping my clothes and got stunned seeing me with my shorts alone. I could really sense that Radha was again staring at my lund and again it started to bulge and grow in size.

Quietly I went inside the bathroom and started taking bath after removing the remaining garments from my body. After completing my headbath, I took the towel and wiped myself completely and came out of the bathroom with my wet towel around my waist and nothing else inside. In the meantime, Radha, was taking the clothes for washing and raised her head and saw me coming out of the bathroom with my wet towel around my waist.

Thanks to the bright white light inside the bathroom which I did not switch off, and the bedroom being naturally lit with sunlight, Radha could see the physical inner structure of my body behind the wet white towel and froze for a moment seeing me like that. My big lund was throbbing inside the wet white towel, moving up and down and Radha could clearly see my thigh lines and the outline of my lund through the transparent  wet towel.

I casually told Radha, that my undergarments had fallen from the holder inside the bathroom into the wet floor and asked her to get me a fresh set of undergarments. Radha immediately had a mild smile in her face and went and took a fresh set of brief and vest. To remove the shrink, Radha deliberately stretched my micro brief using both hands by keeping it in front of her face and asked me how such a small brief is sufficient for me to wear and moved towards me to hand over the brief and all through her movement, Radha was deliberately looking at my groin area and having a teasing deep look thru my towel.

I collected my brief and vest from Radha and asked her about the menu she had prepared. When Radha was about to answer my query, I started wearing my brief by inserting my legs and moving my brief upwards through my legs. While I had taken my micro brief half way upwards and the towel around my waist was giving way to my brief as well as exposing my big thighs and my body to her preying eyes, Radha was jaw dropping in her reaction and stopped telling me the menu. Without showing my lund, I managed to wear my micro brief and removed my towel and gave it Radha saying that she can wash this too. Now for the first time, I was standing in front of Radha with only my crystal micro brief and nothing else.

Radha was literally frozen and her eyes become wider and mouth slightly opened in awe and she could not move her eyes away from my micro brief as it was just enough to cover my vital organs and even the hairs around my penis could be seen through the front side of my micro brief.

This I did it deliberately and had a big giggle and that disturbed Radha and made her realize that she had all along been staring at my.I asked Radha that where is my trouser and then only she realized that she had not given me my shorts and asked her whether she had not given it intentionally for want of seeing me like this for the rest of the day inside the home.

Without waiting for a moment, Radha said, why not Senthil, as it is not going to be a problem for her and if I don’t mind, I can be like that as none from the outside world is going to see this. I for once stunned with Radha’s spontaneous response and immediately asked her whether she is daring enough to be like me.

Radha was speechless for a moment as she did not expect this question so soon from me. Radha gathered her breath and said why not and if I were to be daring enough to challenge her, she will. This was the reply I was expecting all along and told Radha that she can remove her half saree, skirt and blouse and remain in the house with her bra and brief for the rest of the day.

Radha immediately obliged and immediately I went to the corner of my room and stood there waiting for Radha to remove her garments one by one.

Radha started removing her half saree and removed the strings of her skirt and it fell on the floor exposing the black colour panties of her. It was a thin micro cotton panty with white floral designs on it. I was awe stuck for a moment and before I could realize, Radha removed her blouse too.

There she was, standing in the middle of my bedroom with only her panties and bra and nothing else. Radha bend down to take her skirt and other garments from the floor and I could clearly see the cleavage of her breasts and the big melons were throbbing out of her big brassieres. I could also see her broad shoulders and the tenderness of her breasts were making me go mad and I did not want to rush anything which will spoil the progress I had made in seducing my dream maid till now and I was sure that by that days evening Radha will realize, how bad and ugly Senthil can become with women.

Radha went and kept her garments in my wardrobe and went to the service area of my flat to wash the clothes. Since it was in the 4th floor and no other apartments were there in the near vicinity, no one could see what’s happening in my flat and in my floor. Radha daringly went and sat and started washing my clothes.

I also went to the service area and sat near the door and started talking to Radha admiring the tender coconuts swinging and moving freely while Radha was busy washing my clothes.

Radha also got drenched while washing the clothes and the water droplets were making a glittering look to her tender big sized boobs. I was deliberately staring at her boobs and her cleavage and asked Radha whether wearing brassier is comfortable for women who are having such big boobs. This direct question of mine made Radha stunned for a moment and she said the brassier is the garment which makes every women's breasts more appealing to the feasting eyes of men in general and the shape and firmess of breasts can be made to look different thanks to the type of brassier one wears.

After finishing her wash, Radha got up and rinsed the clothes and dried and put it on the hanger. I got up from the chair and stood near the entrance of the service area and having a deep look at the floral designs of Radha’s panties.

After putting the clothes for drying, Radha entered the bedroom brushing her huge boobs against my chest and I for once, was feeling like being in heaven and held my hands to the wall behind me. All through this, Radha was not for once feeling shy and after brushing against me, she looked deep into my eyes with a mischievous smile in her face. 

Immediately I took the towel from my chair and moved towards Radha and told her that I am going to wipe her whole body which is sweating due to the intense work and kept the towel and my hand on her back neck.

Radha was stunned by this move of mine and said Senthil, today you seems to be in a different plane and showing me a different behavior. I told Radha, come on, when a girl of your age can be so daring; men like me will definitely be even more daring.

Without waiting for her response, I circled my right hand with the towel behind her neck and started wiping the sweat profusely coming out of her tender body. The moment I started circling her back, her big boobs started swinging mildly and it was at a grabbing distance of my left hand.

Yes, as you all anticipate, I lifted my left hand and kept it on the right hand side hip of Radha and slowly and steadily moved up and rested it just below her right tender breast. Radha just closed her eyes and moaned shshshsh... and said, Senthil, what are you doing?

I did not reply deliberately and cupped her right breast under and squeezed it mildly and using my index finger and thumb, I just pinched her tender, but very firm nipple of her right breast. Radha screamed closing her mouth and let out moaning noises ah ah sh sh and pleaded me to stop this act.

I just release Radha and went and closed the door near my service area and came back to Radha, who all along kept her eyes closed and biting her lips and standing near the cot in my bedroom. I hugged her tightly by keeping my hands behind her hips and planted my lips on the virgin lips of Radha. She was shaken for a moment but immediately tightened my hug by keeping her hands behind my buttocks and started crushing and squeezing my butts using her soft hands.

I gave a deep kiss in Radha’s virgin lips and slipped my tongue out and forced open her mouth and got lip locked for few minutes. Radha could not tolerate my huge body crushing her big melons and my throbbing penis under the micro brief cover was bulging and becoming bigger and bigger and Radha could literally feel the growing size of my penis in between her thighs.

Even while searching inside her mouth through my tongue and biting her lips mildly, I moved my hands from her back and kept my left hand on one of her butts and started crushing and squeezing it and at the same time, moved my right hand around her hip and took it down slowly. While moving it down, I stopped for a moment around Radha’s navel area and pinched it mildly and immediately she a severe shivering and jerked violently.

Radha in the mean time understood my intentions and pleaded me to stop moving my hand down but I was not in a mood to listen and gently took my hand further down and took it near her G spot. Sensing that I will not stop, Radha immediately took her left hand from my buttocks and brought it in between us and inserted it inside my micro brief in a jiffy.  Here it was... yes, Radha’s tender soft left hand is above my lund and she started squeezing and turning and bending my junior to the hilt. I did not know for a moment what is happening and started screaming in pain and pleasure and because of this I seriously bite into her lips.

Immediately Radha released herself from me and ran towards the kitchen. I took a long breath and went to the kitchen. There she was, yes, the young and bubbly Radha standing in the corner of the kitchen showing her sweating back to my feasting eyes.

I took a pre-packed cover from the nearby shelve and grabbed Radha thru her neck and dragged her to my bedroom. In the meantime, Radha was resisting and pleading me to go slow and said she will do what ever and how ever I wish her to be today. I was in no mood to listen to her request and pushed her into my bed and closed the bedroom door too.

I switched on all the lights in my bedroom and in addition, all the windows upper half portion were open and this made the entire room brightly lit and glowing in the afternoon of that Sunday.

Radha fell into my bed crushing her tender breasts and turned around and had a terrified look at me and asked why I am so brutal to her today  and with a wicked smile in my face, I told her that she will know it as day progressed. As I was talking to her, I went near my bed and kept the packed cover in my bed and in one swift move, removed my micro brief and threw it on the floor.

I took both my hands and kept it on my huge belly and while moving my hands in a circular motion around my belly, I had a sarcastic smile in my face and told Radha that she will have a different opinion about Senthil, from today.

For the first time, I could see a real terrified Radha in my bed about to weep in tears. I knew, heart of heart, I am on the right path and kneeled on my bed and pulled Radha slightly up and made her keep her head on the pillows and pushed her both hands wide in line with her head. Radha was wondering and asked Senthil, what are you doing.

Before she could react, I opened the packaged cover and took a small rope and tied Radha’s right hand with the cot’s frame and did the same for her left hand too. While I was tying her both hands, my penis was rubbing Radha’s mouth and nose and she could not breath properly. Radha’s eyes became wide open seeing my big penis at such a close range and she could smell the hairs around my lund. While I was tying her left hand, Radha in one sudden move, bite my hairs around my lund and I for once, jerked and slid on the bed.

Radha laughed out loudly seeing my shock and said, Senthil, this is not fair and pleaded again to untie the knots from her hands, which I politely refused. Radha was in for more shock as I widened her legs and tied it too with the frames of my cot.

Now I turned around and kneeled in between the legs of Radha and had a deep look into her eyes and smiling said, Radha, the game begins now and immediately took two carrots from the bag and Radha, by seeing this was surprised and wondering what am I going to do with that.

I pulled Radha slightly down made her lie on the centre of the cot with equal space above and below her. I moved up and kneeled by keeping my both legs beside Radha’s face and looked down her body from above.

Now Radha’s eyes could easily see my ass cracks and anus. I for once, without any second thoughts, fell on top of Radha and asked her to open her mouth. Radha refused and shook her head violently and said, she can’t swallow my cock and do a blow job. I mildly hit her in her cheeks using my right knee and due to pain, she had to open her mouth. I used this opportunity to insert my huge cock inside her mouth and took it deep inside her throat. Radha gasped for breath and struggled to speak.

Without moving my hip, I took my mouth near her G spot and found that to be covered with her panties. I had no choice but to tear it into pieces using my big hands and that shook Radha terrifically and before she could react, I planted my lips and tongue on the outer layer of her vagina and bite few of the bushy hairs around her vagina.  Radha was in tears and she could not even moan or bite my penis as it was so huge and unmoved in her mouth.

Radha pleaded, no no no Senthil... please stop this and I ordered her to suck my cock and immediately like a obedient student, she did suck and moved her mouth up and down and struggled to breath. Once her saliva was coated over my big penis, her movement of mouth over it became easier and once in a while, she used to mildly bite the outer layer of my penis.

In the meantime, thanks to my biting of her vaginal hairs and a little probing over her vagina, within minutes, her vaginal juices started flowing out and she was getting into her orgasms quickly. I took one carrot which I had kept it all along in my left hand and inserted it inside her pussy. Radha was shocked beyond limits and could not react  or speak and stopped moving her mouth over my big penis. I then moved my hips up and down and literally fucked Radha through her small, tender fresh mouth and she had no other option but to cooperate, even while I was inserting and taking out the carrot from her pussy.

Radha was in heaven and in tears and her body was jerking wildly and she could only let out her moans and could not do anything to stop me proceeding further. I could not tolerate the sensations running around my big penis and while I was about to ejaculate my white juices inside her mouth, Radha sensed that and shook her head wildly indicating to me not to ejaculate into her mouth.
As I was not in a mood to listen, I increased the pace of carrots movement and Radha too was peaking at the right time and jerked vigorously and in one sudden jerk, I ejaculated all my cum inside her mouth and Radha had no other option but to swallow the entire white juicy fluid into her throat and while swallowing, she gave a vigorous jerk, indicating that even she too climaxed and I did collapse over her.

Both myself and Radha were sweating out and breathing heavily... I slowly moved and rose up and released my cock from her mouth and moved sideways and sat near Radha’s face and looked into her eyes. She smiled mildly and said, Senthil, you are little bad and not a good fellow as I thought to be.

I did not reply for this and rose up and took the towel from the chair and wiped my sweat over my body and cleaned the penis area as it was covered by Radha’s saliva and some of my overflowing white juicy fluids. As I was doing this, Radha was looking mischievously at my naked body and further had a deep, probing look at my penis, which had shrunk by now due to one workout. As I was cleaning my groin area, it started to grow in size again and Radha was looking curiously as it grow big in size and shape and wondered loudly by saying, Senthil, this is the first time I am seeing a man’s organ grow in shape and size, that too in such a close fashion in a brightly lit room and asked me Senthil, are you not ashamed to be like this in front of a young girl.

I told Radha, that definitely not, that too, after today’s happenings. Then I turned around and went and sat on the bed with my towel on my hand. Radha was wondering what’s stored in next for her. Before she could ask anything, I lifted her thru her hips and unbuttoned her brassier and pushed it over her head and planted my lips on her right breasts and sucked and pinched it using my lips. Then in one swift move took my left hand and crushed her left breasts which was very soft, loose and tender and her nipples were even darker and while squeezing her left breasts, I pinched it too using my thumb and index finger.

Radha was again jerking heavily and immediately shouted at me pleading to stop my actions henceforth and cried out loud as she could not tolerate the pain and pleasure at the same time. As I told you earlier, I was not in a mood to listen and took my right hand with my towel and kept it over her pussy and started rubbing her wet pussy using the towel. Before Radha could react for this move of mine, I inserted my middle finger into her pussy using the towel and finger fucked her continuously. Radha was trying to move her legs up and down as if to indicate to me to stop with this and she could not as it was already tied into the frames of the cot.

Radha shouted out loudly and literally cried and pleaded me to stop as she could not tolerate it anymore and it is literally paining her everywhere. But I did not and within minutes, I could sense that her vaginal juices were flowing out again as my middle finger became wet and that moment, I increased the pace of my finger fucking and sucking of her tender boobs even while I was crushing the other one. Radha again jerked heavily and let out a sigh of relief and started breathing heavily indicating that she had reached her peak of orgasms twice in a short span of time.

I was amazed to see a girl of Radha’s age getting two quick orgasms in quick succession. Then I took my hand from her pussy and cleaned her vaginal area which was covered with overflowing juices from her pussy and cleaned my hands too.

With two quick orgasms, Radha was really tired and exhausted and sweat very heavily. I again took the towel and cleaned her whole body and gave special attention to two big melons and Radha came to life a little with that sensuous rubbing of cloth over her body.

Radha let a sigh of relief when I started untying her knots at all ends and made her free. Radha for the first time, smiled a bit thinking that everything was over and there she was mistaken again on that day.

After removing her knots, I jumped over the bed and lied beside Radha and put my right hand over her tender soft breasts and cuddled her cheeks mildly and told her that you sweet little girl, you had teased me enough all these days and that’s what made me to determined to bed you today and saying this, without waiting for her reply, I rolled over Radha and lied above her and planted a deep kiss over her lips.

Now for the first time, my big penis was struggling to find a way inside Radha’s pussy and was in contact with her skinny and bushy vaginal area without any barrier. Radha did not expect this to happen again and unknowingly by now even she was sensual and started enjoying my act and slightly widened and parted her legs.

This allowed me to find the G spot and insert my big throbbing out penis into her small pussy. Even though Radha’s pussy had seen a carrot and my middle finger earlier, my big penis struggled literally to find a way inside and I had to really pull my weight to inject it inside her virgin pussy.

The moment I used a mild force to enter her pussy, Radha was in tears and bite her lips again and again and really pleaded stop with this immediately as it is really paining her to the extreme. I for the first time, requested Radha to bear the pain  for few moments and it could become the ultimate pleasure in her life after a while. But still, Radha shook her head wildly and said, Senthil, enough is enough, please stop. As I told her already, I was not in a mood to listen, and I did not listen even now.

Just to give her a different pleasure, I rose up and sensually encircled her tender breasts without making any movement over her vagina and this gave Radha the required relief for that moment. Before she could realize, I started moving my hips up and down, and as I found it difficult to position myself for long, I took one pillow and immediately inserted it below Radha’s hips and made her to rise few inches from the bet.

This move gave me a perfect position and I realized, beyond a point, that is only half way I could penetrate Radha’s pussy and not beyond that. In one sudden move, I pushed hard inside her and I could hear a teary noise inside her pussy and small amount of blood was oozing out of her pussy.

The pain in Radha became a pleasure and she literally widened her legs further and folded it around my waist and kept her hands behind my head and held me tightly for me to increase the pace of my fuck. I gradually increased the pace of my hip movement and went deeper into her vagina and could feel the deep end of her pussy and the pace of thirst also increased progressively and I climaxed inside her pussy unloading loads of white juicy fluids into her virgin(no longer) pussy and lied over her body breathing heavily.

Radha hugged me tightly and said, Senthil, you are really really a bad boy and I never ever in my wildest imagination thought you to be so bad and planted a deep kiss in my chubby cheeks.

Myself and Radha were lying for a while like that and then got up and cleaned ourselves and had lunch together. The lunch tasted the best all thru my life and while having food, I could sense Radha was having something running in her mind.

I was wondering whether she was planning for revenge act or else just thinking about today’s happenings. What happened next... will be in my next episode...